Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fairytale Town

Spending the day at Fairytale Town is the BEST $4.50 you will ever spend. The kids literally could have stayed 'til the cow jumped o'r the moon. I love watching the kids experience the magic and fun of being a kid. It truly is a family friendly place! They have turned our fairytale stories that we grew up reading into a playground.
At the Humpty Dumpty Gate...
On the crooked mile... hiding out!
"To fetch a pail of water... Jack and Jill"
Face painting
Fairytale town has over two acres of ENCHANTMENT and FUN! It is a nonprofit family park with more than twenty five, bright, dimensional child-sized play sets based on favorite fairytales and nursery rhymes. These give young children a backdrop to act out their favorite stories, to encourage creative discovery, and to exercise on child-friendly slides throughout the lush grounds. A family of friendly animals and children's gardens nestle in this safe and colorful place. Their mission is to promote the imagination, creativity and education of children.

P.S. Make it a full day... bring a picnic lunch and afterwards feed the ducks!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am luving Tiegan's fonetik kidriting!

Owr inglish langwij can be confuzing. I am rezisting the temtashun to corekt Tiegan's speling. I do not want to inhibit her dezir and ability to rit, so I ster awa from "corekting" her invnted speling or kindrgrdin riting. I no that as she becomes familyer with riting, she wil mak the tranzishun to convnshunl speling. For now, I wil kuntinu to praz awl her ritings and let her red her riting to me. She luvs to see her riting displad around the hows walz. Here is a jrnul riting she did tooda for fun.

I resolve to make 2009 matter!