Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"A ballerina."

Our Kennedy had her BIG night two weeks ago. For the past month, she has been practicing her songs for the preschool celebration. She was very intent on her singing too. We loved every minute! All of the kids were asked to arrive 15 minutes early; only to be corralled into Room F until "the walk" (procession) began. A sea of proud parents, grandparents, friends and family could be seen hovering with their video recorders and cameras... ready to capture every moment of something said or silly moment. Once the kids were all seated, they began singing their songs for us. It was music to our ears. (Yes, some of us cried.) And there were some kids who didn't let us down and even made us laugh hysterically. Moments to remember. Then it was time to take care of business. Each child was called by name up to the front. When they arrived at the microphone, they were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" As Kennedy came forward, her hat blew off. She gracefully picked it up and placed it back on her head. Atta girl! She proudly walked up to the microphone and was ready to answer her question. Kennedy, what do you want to be when you grow up? She softly said, "A ballerina." We all applauded. She happily took her diploma and returned to her seat. Some of the other children said that they wanted to be a policeman, an animal doctor, a soccer player... BUT, the one that got the thumbs-up cheer was the little girl who said she wanted to be a ROCKSTAR when she "growd" up. It was all so cute. Afterwards, we celebrated with refreshments and cupcakes.

Kennedy, we are so proud to be your Mommy and Daddy.

Introducing the Class of 2022!


Denice said...

2022??? Oh that makes me feel O-L-D!