Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Work Is Never Done

(My Tiegan recited this poem to me for Mother's Day. And I wouldn't want it any other way.)

"Oh, a mother's work is never done,
And she doesn't have much time for play or fun.
It's a struggle to get through it,
Only mothers seem to do it.
Yes, a mother's work is never done!

Wake the kids up with a smile,
make the breakfast, clean the tile.

Pack the lunches, do the dishes,
Find the socks and grant the wishes.

Bake the cookies, wash the clothes,
Tie the shoes and make the bows.

Wipe the noses, wash the faces,
Stop the fights and check the braces.

Make the snacks and change the diapers,
Call the teachers, pay the pipers.

Make the beds and sweep the floor,
Get the phone and then the door.

Kiss the boo-boo's, feed the pet,
Help with homework, call the vet.

Read the stories, trim the bangs,
Clean the windows, check the fangs.

Laugh at jokes and guess the riddles,
Listen to the horns and fiddles.

Pull the teeth and call the fairy,
Smile a lot and never tarry!

Check for fevers and for pox,
Call the doctor, match the socks.

Set up car pools, do the shopping,
Plan the parties, do the mopping.

Watch kids swim and then play soccer,
Make a meal like Betty Crocker.

Find lost books, fix broken toys,
Wipe the tears and share the joys.

Catch the gerbils, shake the rugs,
Find lost dogs and give out hugs.

A mother's work is never done.
Every day she's on the run.


With all a mother has to do,
She finds the time to love us, too!

So we thank you, Mom, for all you say and do.
And we thank you for your love; we love you, too.
It's not often that we show it,
But we want you, Mom, to know it:
Mom, we thank you for your love; we love you, too!